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An activity suggestion application


Ideation, wireframing, interface design, interaction design, filming.


Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure RP, Sketch, Premiere


6 Weeks, 2016


Hana Mareck  Kimberley Chan  Derek Tam


Pain Point and Potential Opportunity

After abundant research about daily activities, based on the friction that the bored people who cannot rapidly decide the next activity after hanging out with friends or attending some social events,our team was focused on a solution for this issue. Maybe people will be hesitating when they face plenty of solutions or without any choice, but with Fillip in your hand, infinite fun and new activities are provided anywhere, anytime with anyone.



  • Anticipatory - anticipating exactly what user will want by the history activities and preference.

  • Autonomy - providing people with the resources for quick decision.

  • Efficiency - maximizing user's productivity and efficiency when finding activities by friendly interface.

  • Delightful and Playful - matching the spontaneous personalities of our users by pleasant visual and motion elements.

  • Low resistance : providing well categorized data and simplified data for our users.



User Flow


After analyzing the user flow, we mainly concluded following parts we need to concentrate on during entire process:

  • Simplified filter for quick start instead of being lost in complicated filters.



  • Help is here! Providing instructional overlays or coach marks for users who are not experienced.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.19.51 AM.png
  • Simplified choice making. Comparing and swiping away the one which is less interesting. User's memory load is dramatically reduced. Hopefully, the suitable activity will be generated. At least, you have the one which is not the worst option by your several times swiping. Tapping on the brief of any activity for checking details.

  • Colours convey information. Colourful categorizing method could form user's new behaviour. User will be conversant with the colours after using the app for a period. Meanwhile, the colourful interface clearly enhanced the hierarchy and brings delightful visual experience.

  • No only interacting with your mobile device, but also with other's devices. Inviting others and making decision together then having fun together.



The prototype is fully worked as showing in the video after several kinds of user testing. We will keep on working to refine it. 


Final Forms