Interactive virtual hands-on training for estimators

Vehicle estimation made effortless.


How we helped new estimators deliver accurate claim photos

Accelerate uses the power of augmented reality to bring new estimators up to speed with immersive training simulations. Unlike traditional training methods that can be costly to run, requiring classroom instructors or access to specific vehicles, the Accelerate app delivers virtual hands-on training through the convenience of a mobile phone.


Collaborating with our client

In a partnership with Accenture, we were tasked to explore the potential for XR training to support next-generation learning. With the support of a third party client, we took on the challenge to design and develop a working prototype.


How can XR* technology improve corporate learning outcomes?

XR* - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality


Define the problem

Problem Space


High cost of classroom training

Passive delivery (powerpoint, coursework)

Impact on productivity

Access to equipment

Accessibility for remote offices

Non-standardized learning 


Align on the strategy

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 20.46.24.png

Land on the use case

Automotive Estimation Training

End User

Automotive Collision Estimator Trainee

Estimator training is a priority

User Scenario

Collision Photography

Accurate photos are necessary to ensure estimators deliver the proper documentation


Reframe the challenges

Inconsistency of photo layout

Failure to accurately capture details

Submitted in a different order than required

Critical to other business units 

Access to damaged vehicles

Scenario Challenges

Collision Photography

Gather insights and take action

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Introducing ACCELERATE

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 20.59.38.png

Unlike traditional learning, Accelerate allows estimators to deepen their skillset with immersive, virtual hands-on training modules accessible anytime on a mobile device.


Product Competencies

Sensory feedback to establish confidence

Implement sound and motion signifiers to convey the message of that the AR 3D object is successfully placed.


Orient people in the virtual space

2-Dimensional real-time top down view allows the user to orient themselves in relation to the virtual model. 


Signifiers support immersive self-learning

Inspired by the automotive motif of orange and white pylons, estimators can simply follow the moving arrows and rings to guide them to the correct vantage point for documenting damage accurately and efficiently.


Help user to frame the the correct photo composition

With this alignment tool, users can pan back and forth, up and down, left and right to match the circles and understand the ideal shot.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 21.50.50.png
UX Awards - CDM - Accenture - Student.001.jpeg

Virtual tools replicate real-world Practice

With the tools menu, estimators can engage in technical hands-on practise using a variety of tools and equipment. These customized training tools give the user an opportunity to develop critical thinking and key decision making skills, minimizing risk in future real-world scenarios.


Combination of formative and summative feedback

During the experience, estimators can follow the real-time feedback to aware the progress and refine mistakes instantly. Summative feedback will support estimators to achieve the long-term learning object.

Formative Feedback  - instruction, timer, guidance

Formative Feedback - instruction, timer, guidance

Summative Feedback  - leaderboard, achievement, progress

Summative Feedback - leaderboard, achievement, progress



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Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 21.53.19.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 21.53.36.png



“Classroom learning can be difficult. It’s nice to be able to walk around and physically go inside the vehicle. It’s like getting hands-on training.” 

New Estimator Trainee

“I can definitely see how an application like this will change how we approach training in the future.” 

Estimator Trainer

“The app was demonstrated to our North American Financial Services leadership and we’re now in the process of taking the app to another client that wishes to up-skill their estimators.” 

Senior Principal, Accenture Technology


We won the 2018 Vancouver User Experience Awards by Accelerate


Future Consideration

As object recognition technology progresses, the solution could be built into either an estimator tool used on the job or as a customer-facing tool for customers to accurately take photos of their vehicles in the case of an accident / incident. MR will allow these users to interact with real vehicles vs. 3D models.

From AR training simulation to MR market ready tool

From AR training simulation to MR market ready tool



Sketch, InVision, After Effects, A-frame, Ottifox


Unity, iOS ARkit, Swift


Charity Principe - Project Manager

Joseph Coombes - User Experience and Visual Designer

Rex Shi - Product Designer | UX Strategist | 3D artist

So Jeong Bae - User Interface Designer

Alyzah Kaharin - Unity Developer

Amy Li - Developer